Wildlife Adoption


Got animal lovers on your gift list? Give them the most unique gift of a lifetime with a wildlife adoption through the World Wildlife Fund. You choose the animal, and the WWF will send your special someone a plush stuffed animal, photo of their adopted animal, adoption certificate, species info card, carry bag, and even […]

Give Him/Her the Moon


What do you get for the person that has everything? You could always give them the moon. In 1980, Dennis M. Hope officially laid claim to the moon by filing with the United Nations. Since that time, property on our moon has been made available for sale in one acre and ten acre parcels that […]

A Little Share


Stock is a great way to own a piece of something that is important to us. It’s also a fun way to give a unique gift that not only gives your loved one a part in something they enjoy, but can also help them invest (or get started investing) at the same time. Many vendors […]

Massage Away the Day


At the end of a long day of work (or play), nothing helps you relax like a soothing massage. For a special gift that says “I’m really thinking of you,” a personal body massager offers the ability to rub the tension away at any moment of the day. These little gadgets come in all kinds […]

Where the Rubber Meets the Road


That’s where some people just like to be! For a Gear Head, there is no more special gift than the chance to drive like a pro. Send your favorite motor-crazy person on a driving adventure where he or she (Hey! Women love cars too.) can get the chance to take a BMW M3, F1-style racer, […]

Tour Your World


In every state and every city there are attractions where the locals just don’t take advantage of the easy access. People that live near the beach often don’t visit the beach. People that live near great museums or historic sites keep saying they mean to go, but just don’t go. These trips are on those […]

Gift a Month


For the gift that keeps on giving (and giving), monthly gift clubs will send your friend a different special gift every month for 6 months or even a year! No, not a magazine that shows up and ends up on the bathroom counter for everyone to ignore for a month. These are special gifts chosen […]

Name a Star


Sure, your friends and loved ones are stars to you, but now you can show them what stars they really are by officially naming a celestial star after someone special to you. Each star observed by our telescopes has a numerical name in the Universal Star Catalog database maintained by the Smithsonian Institute. Many of […]

Give the Gift of a Helping Hand


The most special gift you can ever give is sharing their respect for life with the world. The gift of helping someone in need means everything, and with Heifer Project International, you can see the unique and inspiring ways that people like you and your loved ones can help an entire village with just a […]

Personalized T-Shirt


  I will eat whatever you cook; I will sleep wherever you prepare my bed; and I will wear whatever you make for me! This is the kind of emotion the gift idea I am suggesting here is going to elicit in the recipient. This super gift provides you an opportunity to make your partner […]

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